The Illinois Heartland Library System, SHARE Sharing Heartland’s Avaliable Resources Equally, and Southern Illinois Library on the Go, Gale On-line Databases, Zinio periodical database, and Internet enables the Eldorado Memorial Public Library to expand its reference information services by providing access to unique resources worldwide. Patrons are encouraged to use these services for their informational and educational needs while following these guidelines:

General Rules and Procedures:

1. To use the Internet workstation for the first time, patron must register, read policy, and sign Internet User Agreement.
2. The use of the Internet workstation will be limited to ½ hour
time slots and accessed on a first come, first served basis. An additional thirty (30) minutes may be used if available. Maximum one hour per day. No reserved time slots.
3. Patrons using Internet workstation will sign in/sign out at the Circulation Desk. Patron must have a current library card in good standing to use Internet privileges.
4. Patrons will use the Internet workstation and resources in a
responsible and ethical manner:
• Users will not attempt to modify, alter, or damage software and equipment.
• Users will not send, receive or display text/graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene.
• Users may not represent themselves as another person.
5. Users-
a. may send/receive e-mail on designated computers
b. may not use chat lines.
6. Only one person at the Internet workstation at a time except
Child/parent or Guardian.
7. Users may not use their software programs on any library
8. Software downloaded from the Internet may contain a virus.
NO DOWNLOADING IS PERMITTED. Printouts are available at 20 cents per page.
for their children’s use of the Internet through the library’s connection.
• Children Under 13 must have Parent/Guardian with them to use Internet.
• Children (13-18) must have Parents Signed Consent on file.
10. No purchase will be made via the Internet Connection.
There is no security for credit card numbers or account numbers in the library’ s software.
11. The Library may at times restrict Internet availability.
12. If patron encounter technical problems during your session, please notify a library staff member immediately. These problems will be corrected as staff time and expertise allows.
13. Internet Workstation will be shut down 15 minutes before Library closes.
14. Staff reserves the right to monitor equipment use and content of materials.
15. Users are responsible for any charges or expenses incurred during data searching or Internet connection.
16. Violation of any aspect of this policy may result in the loss of library privileges.

The ELDORADO MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARY is not responsible for the content, quality, or accuracy of the information obtained from the Internet.

The Eldorado Memorial Public Library reserves the right to modify these rules and policy at any time.

Ordinance No. 52 – Reviewed and Amended November 13, 2003
Ordinance No. 52 – Reviewed and Amended July 11, 2013